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    Default An attempt at tying a Faughan Purple.

    Tied it using the reference from Olly McGilloways book Along the Faughanside.
    Whats your thoughts.
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    For that size of fly I'd use smaller tinsel. Try to keep the hackle not any longer than the barb of the hook. The point of the hook is as good a length as any.

    I really cannot give any advice of wings as I am rubbish at it myself!
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    Cheers for the advice jockie.Will definitley take it on board.

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    As a night fly it's fine I'd use it as the lights going no problems.. for that style the hackles are generally that wee bit longer to the bend of the hook and heavier dressed... I think I told you not to extend the Hackle past the hook too much no matter the pattern you're tying, so on that you did very well in this example...

    Line your tippets up on the stalk pinch and hold them tight so the barring matches before snipping then tie them in quickly without removing them from your grip... 3 to 6 strands is enough.

    the ribbing size is fine imo, maybe try a turn less if you don't have smaller, again if fished at night it will glint well the way it is...

    Wings are a bugbear for everyone, it takes a right while to get confident working with the mallard.. I try and select a nice dark slip of about twice or 3 times the length of the gape of the hook and fold it once. Then tie it flat on to and in front of the hackle using a pinch and loop.. it'll slip and move to you pull your hair out but with practise it will come...

    The head is probably a bit big for the size of fly. Again as you gain confidence and use less turns to secure materials and find the books easier to find space on to tie on they will become smaller neater and more towards the eye but it won't matter and it will catch you trout... just go find some and wait for dark..cracking effort well done
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    Sorry. I didn't realise this was a night fly. Yes, that tinsel will be fine for a night fly but three turns will be plenty.

    Try tying the tinsel on to the underside of the hook shank. It might make it easier to get less turns.
    One of the best skills that an angler can ever develop is knowing the difference between passing the time and wasting it!

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    Cheers lads...All advice taken on board.Was first time using seals fur aswell
    And them wings are a pain lol Take time to get used to everything i suppose.

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