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    Quote Originally Posted by Bothy Cat View Post
    I have a small tube cutter but found it difficult to make it work with small diameter tubing. It also put a lip on the internal rim of the tube which reduced the diameter and needed to be filed off - perhaps I bought the wrong one. I now settle for a small desk vice and a junior hacksaw which gives a good result. Then neaten up any rough ends with a small file.
    I use a small tube cutter and yes it leaves an internal lip if you cut right through. I cut it about half way and then snap off and give it a quick lick with a fine file.
    Regards Gary
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    Hi All,

    Apologies for not replying to anyone after posting the thread!!! - I was away for a couple of weeks.

    Happy to share source of 3mm tubes - I bought mine from from maccmodels on ebay - hopefully this link will work - if not, type in 3mm Aluminium tube 300mm long in ebay and hopefully you'll see maccmodels.

    I got both brass and aluminium to try. Happy with the quality. The one thing i'd say is that, unlike the tubes from Machardy's (Carlisle), these are more difficult to score with a razor blade and snap - and you'll definitely have to get out a metal file to take the burr off - especially the brass ones.

    Because I was struggling with the craft knife approach, I went to Homebase and got one of the pipe cutters people suggested (says it's good for 30mm down to 3mm) - and that works well with some practice - albeit - following Gary's advice - I don't use the pipe cutter to cut the pipe as at 3mm it's not that clean - so I use it more to score and then snap. Also, be careful not to crush the pipe - go gently at first - just enough to bite, then turn and then gently increase pressure

    I haven't got a work bench - but reckon a good old locking vice and a hacksaw or rotary cutter would be the best approach. I did a batch of about 25 tubes at the weekend and spent quite a lot of time filing off burrs etc.

    I've now tied a few flies and the 1.8 mm inner works perfectly - and is a lot easier to tie onto than the flimsy size 7 and 9 pvc inners that you had to use with the McHardy's cut to size tubes. Attached are a couple of flies tied on the Brass 3mm (one with a Tungsten cone!! - that one is designed specifically for a specific pool )

    All the best and tight lines, Patrick


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