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    Excuse my question. I read alot about the profile of the fly is this the same as the silhouette thanks dean

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    In terms of what I tie, I would answer that they are one & the same.

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    I would say profile gives you the silhouette, but profile is a bit more 3D for want of a better way of putting it. Silhouette is what you get when you view the profile against a lighter background.

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    As Loxie says it is 3D. From the sides and above/below.
    This is not just an aesthetic thing it is to allow the materials to behave in an enticing way.
    You will often hear the term "teardrop" This is the classic wing profile when you create the wing with multiple layers of hair creating the teardrop shape with the fattest bit at the head.
    Look at the Scandi patterns especially to see this.
    Regards Gary
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    For me the perfect example of 3D profile in a fly is a Flamethrower.A fly that I use more than any other.

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