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Thread: Taimen returns

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    Default Taimen returns

    Hi all,

    I recently received a jacket from Taimen in Poland, on the 1st use of the jacket I noticed a tooth was missing from the main zip.

    I emailed them 3 or 4 times but didn't get a response, so I called the number on the website and had a difficult conversation with the girl on the other end.

    They want me to return the jacket and they will replace it, which is great, however, they want me to pay the return postage to send the faulty jacket back before they will dispatch the new. Again this is fine but they are expecting me to pay the postage.

    Whats your thoughts? anybody else had to return items to them? and what about me footing the bill for return postage?



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    I returned a jacket to the - didnít fit - and they credited my card within 48 hours, including the original postage but not the return, which I regard as quite efficient and acceptable. As you note, the big problem is language. Orla who mans the phone is charming but only has a very limited English vocabulary. Her friend from accounts adds another 6 words to the lexicon.

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    Hi Woody,

    You could try the Irish agent for Taimen think its the Blackwater lodge, might be able to help you.

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