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    I fished a syndicate rod on Fairnilee in the 2014 season, which was known as a particularly dry season on Tweedside with a good couple of months of dead Summer low.

    What Chicarito said about the day a week aspect is spot on; if your day doesn't get the water, it will only be trout fishing you have paid for and that's not an exaggeration. For 150-200, you are probably better off trying to get into Selkirk & District AA, as at least if there's a spot of water from May you can expect runs of fish of some quantity or another. I would also say that a Sunderland Hall syndicate rod (opposite bank from Fairnilee and with fewer pools but some Ettrick pools and the Meetings Pool) is a much better bet. I had a 16lbs May springer there in 2016. There are fish holding in the Meetings Pool from late April.

    All the above said, when I fished Fairnilee there was a period of a couple of weeks in late March/early April when some springers were seen running through. Believe that or not, but there are a few runners that don't stop. I wonder if they end up at Dawyck somewhere and then sit around all year until October/November/December.

    As for where any increased recent Summer runs are heading (I don't think the Spring has increased), I think they probably just sit in Middle Tweed as they don't appear to end up in the Ettrick (which I have fished a fair bit in late Summer/early Autumn in the past 2/3 years.

    Hope that helps.
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    I stay 10mins away from the Tweed and fish a few of the middle neats fairly regularly. I have also fished some of the upper beats as well over the years.

    We have a syndicate rod on a beat just outside St Boswells that costs two friends and I 1000 between the three of us. That works out at 333 each for the season, every Saturday until the season closes at the end of November. The two friends I fish with are very relaxed about the fishing and although we have a wee rota that has me fishing 3 out of 4 weekends a month, same with them we generally could fish every single Saturday. The other great thing about this beat is the two members who share the other Saturday rod (two rods on the beat per day) have an arrangement with us whereby if we aren't there they fish our rod and vice versa. So, in effect I could fish every Saturday for 333 for the whole season benefitting from a back end run if one arrives.

    Although the runs on Tweed are changing and we see very poor back end runs now, the summer fishing over the last few years has been very good. The run of sea trout on the Tweed can be outstanding and over the last few years I pick up a good number of salmon when fishing for sea trout in the evenings. The problem is the runs are changing but the anglers aren't. Many will join these syndicates purely for the back end (as they remember it) and it isn't happening.

    I was down fishing with a friend last summer in the evening, he has a rod on the beat opposite our syndicate and we had 9 fish hooked between us for the day. I had three on in an hour in the evening, two briefly that came off and landed a sea trout of about 5lbs. Not a single rod out fishing opposite on my syndicate water that shares these pools. Lots of fish in the river too.

    The runs may change but the direction of the fish doesn't and the beat you are looking at is above the River Ettrick where the spring run heads for. Yes, some fish will take the main river throughout the whole year, to suggest that absolutely no fish run the main main Tweed from the start of the season until the back end run starts is just wrong. Similar with the years when end of August and early September can suddenly produce fish farther up the main river especially if there has been little water for weeks and suddenly it comes, early back end fish that have been hanging back will run, it happens, the fish can be there a couple of weeks early.

    Folk need to stop living in the past with the Tweed and adjust their fishing effort to suit when the fish are there but the beat your looking at will generally only see fish in numbers much later in the season, after the time you effectively get put off.

    If I were you I would look at a syndicate rod on a beat farther down the river that costs more but share it with a couple of friends. You will give yourself a better chance of a fish and certainly have a longer season to try and catch them.

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