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    Default Pere Marquette River

    Anyone fish the PM? Any suggested areas to start eliminating unproductive water?

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    Not yet, unfortunately. I am in Michigan every 2-3 years and I tried the Grand and the Muskegeon so far, both large rivers and the PM seems to be much better suited for the fly. So I would be interested in that Information too.
    Anyone out there ??

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    Default PM

    Originally from UK, I live near Chicago now and fish the PM and Muskegon sometimes, if you need specifics on the PM for holes etc to fish PM me, sorry will not give any info on the Muskegon.

    The PM has a lot of productive areas. Swinging fly is not so productive on the PM because It is quite a small river and fast flow rate, it is hard to get a good swing, most people "Chuck and Duck" with single hand rods (look it up on you tube), ugly but productive. I only Swing flies or egg flies in the PM.

    Caught my best ever Steelhead in the PM 36", there is a picture of it on here somewhere, do a search under my posts, it is there somewhere. That fish was caught in the Maple hole.

    Muskegon is great for swinging flys, if you are a Spey caster you will love it, lovely river but gets very busy with boat traffic though, but has plenty of wading opportunities if the water level is right.

    If you get a good guide and the river is right you will have a good day. I can recommend guides for all 3 rivers if needed.

    St Joe river is also productive when the fish are in, it is south of the Muskegon.

    The problem with all the rivers at the moment is they are abviously stocked rivers and they have cut back on the numbers the last few years which has had an affect on the catch rates, do some searching on the web about it you will soon understand what is going on with the biomass etc.

    If you are a single hand rod guy, the little Manistee is a nice little river and has plenty of fish, they use Little Manistee Steel head to stock other rivers throughout the country, they have an egg harvesting farm on the river where they collect millions of eggs each year, again a web search will teach you a lot.

    You can also find on the web, how many salmon and steelhead are released into these rivers, you will be astounded.

    Hope some if any of this helps.
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    I cut my teeth on the PM when I was growing up in Michigan. Still fish it every time I am in Michigan. In fact I'll be on it again in November if the conditions are OK. I also have a float trip booked on the Muskegon for 20 November

    The PM fly only section is beautiful but can get busy, best fished late at night for big browns stripping big flies on the surface. Loaded with salmon in the "fall" and steelhead follow the salmon in. The dead of winter can be great for the steelhead when it's cold and snowy and the light weights are sitting in the house next to their woodstoves The lower river holds loads of fish also.

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