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    I had a le cie fast a couple of years ago with the single leg rings and it screeched with most lines, although if i remeber if you really got a good cast with good line speed it didn't.or am i just telling myself that?
    That's down to the REC recoil rings on the le cie that are quite thin but also true for other single leg rings I guess because the line is sliding over a perpendicular edge to direction of travel and the ring can flex slightly; however on coated normal double snake rings you often see wear on the legs as well as the actual ring and they don't make the noise as they can't flex the same way (nor do double leg recoil snakes in my experience) clean fly line helps - ridged running line makes it worse!

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    Had the same rod that did the same thing. My impression is that the friction on one of the rings was causing resonation of the blank section. It might be possible to eliminate it by adding a little varnish to the guide at the blank to change the frequency.

    I found it very annoying and is just one reason I dislike single leg guides. I cannot understand Shakespeare and Guideline using these guides on shooting head rods as the head connection really rattles through them.

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    Single leg snakes always have a screech as the line goes out, not much you can do about it

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    My dads 13ft whisker started screeching last season so he finaly retired it, he just thought hed worn the guides out but may be worth adding some varnish to see if it works as its good as a spare rod.

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    I had a trout rod a hardy zenith 9' which did exactly the same really annoying
    so much so I moved it on.

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    That's interesting I've never heard anything screeching when I go fishing - apart from the wife

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