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    Default Gol - Hemsedal Area Norway

    A long shot but some of our Norweigian members may be able to help. I have a good friend living in Denmark and he can rent cabins in Hemsedal in Norway in the summer through his work.
    Life got in the way this year and I bailed from going, but his old boy is going out next week. They like trout fishing and dabbling in salmon.
    We have researched the Hemsila and Grøndøla and have found one guide active in the area - Tor Grøthe - Fluefiske i Hemsedal
    Does anyone know any salmon opportunities nearby? Some googling turned up the Lærdal, which looks pretty exclusive. Can anyone recommend any lesser known rivers that might have last minute opportunities in the 2 hour drive range from Jordhein (near Gol)?
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    I never fished it myself, but I believe the Aurland used to have very good sea trout fishing, with some big fish, if that might interest you. This page may be some help:


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    hemsila is very good for c&r Fishing for räther big Brown Trout.

    lærdal would be The best Choice for salmon and seatrout, indeed.
    beautiful river, fished it fir the first time last year. will Fish it again in aug this year.

    Aurland is , sadly, just a shadow of its former self. due to a gigantic hydropower scheme which leads to far too Cold water on avg.

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