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    Default What spinners for the wear/Tyne

    Hi all
    New to salmon fishing last season and only really dabbled in it. However I am determined to catch May first salmon this year. I only have spinning gear, so what's the best spinners to buy/use ( colour,size, makes ECG ) mainly for the rivers Wear/ N.Tyne and possibly the Till

    Thanks Gazza

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    You cant go wrong with silver mepps on the till, size 2 and 3

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    Probably 90% of anglers catch there fish on Flying C,s in various colours.
    Most of my mates use them with black bodies and either silver,gold or copper blades.
    Other coloured bodies also catch fish,red or white can be good at times.
    Rapalas are also good,but they can be very expensive to loose if you are just starting and not use to fishing them.
    Toby,s and Devons in various colours can also be used.
    Then theres the good old Mepps, which has probably taken more fish of all species over the years than any other.
    This is my fishing rod!.
    There are many like it but this one is mine.
    Without me,my rod is useless!.
    Without my rod,i am useless!.

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    I like Mepps and raparla's. You can fish raparla's a lot slower than the others and this can be really useful! Expensive when u loose them. I like x raps the best

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    Red n White flying c for the wear and black n white flying c for the Tyne (no joke)
    also Rapallas especially with a rattle!

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    You won't go far wrong with one of these in a big Tyne water, the Rappala's not to bad either eh

    Cheers Jason

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    Tyne fish love copper!

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