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    Fished somerley again yesterday great visibility but such a hard slog but with more rain expected the water meadow's are over a foot deep in places already!!!

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    See the Knapp Mill counter has been updated....doesn't appear to have been counting much though! Showing no fish have gone through so far this month.....

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    Does not exactly make me want to drive 80 miles to give it a go, with more rain coming, the river may well be out in the fields for months yet. I will probably give it a miss until mid march or so, depending on not only the weather, but any fish reports.
    With the current levels, some of the side streams/old channels might be worth a look, these fish could be anywhere, a lot of the usual , known holding spots will be very different, this prolonged highwater will change many aspects of the river, at least low summer flows will not be an issue this season!

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