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    Default What exactly is "vintage"?

    Like almost every subscriber to SFF I see this mass of Ebay adverts clutter up the pages.

    And it has got me wondering what advertisers/sellers mean by "vintage", and whether they genuinely receive a benefit from what I suspect is complete over-kill in terms of the description. Specifically, does use of the term actually help in terms of Ebay searches? Of prices?

    For me, I would not regard ANY carbon fibre rod as deserving of the term, would be pretty sceptical about its use for more than a few old glass rods, and think it inappropriate for any modern cane rod.

    So a cut-off of around 1970 for rods, and probably similar for fly reels. I could debate +/- 5 years.

    But I would assume that I am selling to someone who has at least a modicum of understanding about the product, so would rather describe it well and extensively.

    I fear that you will say I am naive......

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    It seems to mean it's generally knackered and not looked after on ebay

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