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    Default Casting Help Christchurch, Dorset.

    Help. Is there a local salmon angler out there that can help me get a fly past my feet.

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    Default yes

    You need to speak to Ian May out of Fordingbridge

    Alternately, Christchurch AC run fly casting evenings out of Whitesheet fishery for £5 both single and double handed. That doesn't start until June by which the Avon season is nearly over.

    What club/syndicate do you fish?
    Itís funny whats happening to us.
    Our lives have become digital -
    our friends, now virtual
    and everything you could ever want to know
    is just a click away.
    Experiencing the world through this endless second hand information isnít enough -
    if we want authenticity Ė WE have to initiate it.

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    I will be fishing down near Christchurch once the Trout seasons starts - the Salisbury Club has just taken on 2 miles down there. I'd be happy to give you a few pointers. Drop me a PM if your think that would be any help.

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    Default Casting help

    Christchurch AC start their tuition evenings at Whitesheet this Thurs 4/5/17 then fortnightly. Details on their website.

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