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    Quote Originally Posted by nitro2012 View Post
    Salmologics prices are ridiculous dont forget they charge 30quid delivery fee on top of that line.
    Sorry free delivery for anything over 100 quid 😨

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Musgrove View Post
    I would say it depends what your targeting, size fly and how big the river. I really like the Rio Single hand Spey lines. They are already overweighted by about two sizes (when checked on digi scales) but have a beautiful presentation. If your tight for space and throwing big flyís then the OPST Micro Skagit Smooth is great with various tips although you need to use lighter line than you think.
    I didnít know that about Rio lines.
    How can they be over weighted if I buy say a 34gram line??
    I take it your talking aftm??

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    When I spoke to Mike Barrio he discussed the options of cutting back the tip of said lines to better turnover bigger flies and polys.

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