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    Default Hardy marksman S 13 8 wanted

    Looking for a Hardy Marksman S 13 8 if anyone if looking to sell one, cheers
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    Hi Bulmer,

    I don't have one for sale any longer (sold back in January) but am posting you an opinion based on usage. I owned the Marksman 2-T 13 foot #8 rod for 8 years I think. I also owned / still own the Hardy Swift 7 weight. I cast Scandi lines in 37 and 45 foot head lengths and found the Swift to be a stronger casting tool.

    I could make the Marksman work and therein was the issue, I had to 'make it work' for me. On the other hand the Swift seems to 'work' all by itself with me acting as the operator.

    If you can come across the 13 foot #8 Swift don't just pass it by, I doubt you would be disappointed with one.

    Just saying,


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    Still looking?

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    Have you tried the Greys GR70? Really nice rods and similar to the Marksman S, the GR70 uses the Swift blanks as well.

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