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  1. Welcome to our new section for selling any vintage or antique fishing tackle.
  2. Shimano bantam 50
  3. Old Reels
  4. Men of Trent - The story of the Nottingham Winch by Stefan Duma
  5. Bruce & Walker Expert Salmon Reel (Wide Arbor)
  6. Hardy Marquis No2
  7. Large All Brass 4 1/2 inch plate wind Salmon reel
  8. Brass and Bakelite Platewind 4 3/4 inch Salmon Reel
  9. Farlow’s 4 Inch Platewind Salmon Reel
  10. Hardy Marquis Salmon No2 Fly Reel
  11. Mac Martin
  12. Stunning J McGowan London 4” ebonite and brass salmon fly reel & block leather case
  13. Wanted 6 foot Shakespeare ugly stick spin
  14. Wanted youngs reels
  15. Rare Early Hardy Brass Faced Perfect 4 1/2 inch
  16. The Essential Kelson Leather Bound limited edition
  17. Hardy Perfect brass faced salmon fly reel 4-1/4? diameter 3 logo to face plate
  18. vintage Allcocks Light Caster split cane spinning rod for trout light salmon & pike
  19. Hardy 1902 Perfect Ltd edition set 3 brass faced reels & case & key & bag complete
  20. big Hardy Perfect 4-1/2? salmon fly reel 1912 check Eunoch superb finish
  21. Hardy 1898 greenheart 16? salmon fly rod with special order cedar wood handle
  22. Farlow Patent Lever all brass salmon fly reel with most finish c1900
  23. C Farlow 191 Strand London 13? greenheart salmon fly rod & bamboo tip tube
  24. Bruce & Walker Silver Steam 12? hollow glass fly rod line 6-8 hand built
  25. Hardy Super Silex 4? casting reel fishing 4 steelhead salmon and collectors
  26. Hardy 4-1/2? Perfect brass face salmon fly reel with damaged drum
  27. Collection of 4 Malloch’s vintage fly boxes & gut eye salmon flies
  28. Farlow 10/0 vintage Salmon flies on card & provenence letter & Megan Boyd flies
  29. Hardy perfect 3-3/4? wide drum salmon fly reel O ring guide 99% finish
  30. Hardy Fibalite Spinning No1 hollow glass 10? rod pike salmon
  31. Bruce & Walker Walker 15 carbon salmon fly spey rod line 10 12
  32. Hardy Silex Jewel 3-3/4? alloy casting reel steelhead & salmon fishing
  33. House of Hardy Turbo Windproof lighter
  34. Hardy Graphite Salmon Fly rod 12’6? 3 piece line 9
  35. Cummins of Darlington The Bittern 3 piece cane salmon rod rare model
  36. Youngs of Harrow vintage split cane spinning rod for pike salmon bass carp
  37. Hardy Marquis Salmon No2 fly fishing reel Spare Spool & Hardy Lines
  38. Hardy Marquis Salmon No 2 fly reel + Spare Spool + 2 Cases
  39. rare R Wurm Gentle Craft No 1 salmon multiplying fly reel
  40. Ari’t hart LA 5 alloy salmon fly reel black 4-7/8 & spare spool
  41. Hardy Marksman Spin rod 10? 3 piece with bag and makers carry tube
  42. Vintage Hardy St Andrew lightweight salmon fly reel & box
  43. Abu Cardinal 6X bronze & coffee vintage spinning reel & spare spool
  44. Vintage Hardy Fibalite Spinning No 1 rod, ideal 4 salmon pike
  45. Fine Hardy Exalta spinning reel with 95% plus factory finish 4 collector
  46. Hardy Brass faced perfect salmon fly reel 4-1/2? with solid drum
  47. Sharpes of Aberdeen 14? spliced joint cane salmon fly rod #10/11
  48. vintage Hardy Exalta spinning reel for carp salmon & pike + collectors
  49. Hardy Altex No 3 Mk5 vintage spinning reel in fine condition good finish
  50. Hardy Jet Fibalite Spinning rod 9’6? hollow glass 4 salmon carp pike
  51. Early Hardy Uniqua 4-1/4? wide drum salmon fly reel Oil latch
  52. Early Hardy 4? brass faced perfect salmon fly reel
  53. superb block leather reel case lid stamped The perfect 4-1/4? salmon reel
  54. Wanted farlows sapphire reel
  55. Harduy LRH No 1 Palakona spinning rod in good condition 4 carp salmon & pike
  56. Hardy Demon 15? 3 pce carbon salmon fly rod wwith bag & carry tube
  57. All Fluff and Waders – A Pictorial History of Fly Fishing by Cliff Hatton
  58. vintage Hardy Combined wading staff with lanyard and boat hook salmon fishing
  59. Shakespeare Condex by J W Young 4-1/4? wide drum fly reel & spool
  60. Very Rare Hardy St George Salmon Reel 4 1/4 inch
  61. vintage fishing reel marked Hardy, The Sterling Nottingham reel
  62. Eggington of Merton 8? greenheart spinning rod , ceramic guides 4 salmon pike carp
  63. vintage Hardy Perfect 3-3/4 wide drum salmon fly reel & O ring line guide
  64. Hardy Perfect 3-3/4? salmon fly reel Dup Mk 2 & O ring guide
  65. Mallochs Black Japanned Fly Box with flies and cast compartment
  66. Farlows Perfect Style vintage fishing salmon reel ,Eunoch model with faults
  67. Brass Faced Hardy Perfect 3 3/4 with faults but good finish
  68. Malloch Sun & Planet 4-1/2? brass & ebonite reel with nickel silver rims
  69. Early Hardy Palakona 12 split cane salmon fly rod with spare tip to 11?
  70. Farlow of Pall Mall london 9? carbon spinning rod for salmon carp pike with bag
  71. Hardy Patent Steel Centre Palakona 14 feet 3 Piece Salmon Rod 4 restoration
  72. A Celebration of Salmon Rivers Limited edition book
  73. Galicia Salmonera book by Miguel Piñera and Alberto Torres. Signed by the authors.
  74. Fine Hardy perfect 4-1/2? alloy salmon fly reel with Dup Mk 2 check
  75. Antique Farlow 4-1/2? brass faced perfect style fly reel c 1905 rare model
  76. Fine Hardy Jet Spinning rod 9’6? brown hollow glass with bronze ferrule & bag
  77. Fine vintage JS Sharpe of Aberdeen 4” alloy Perfect pattern salmon fly reel made by J
  78. Superb condition Hardy “The Wye” Palakona 12’6” 3 piece cane fly rod with matching co
  79. Vintage Farlow of London The Gordon 4? alloy salmon fly fishing reel
  80. vintage fishing salmon priest with cord handle and wrist strap
  81. Jones of London folding handle brass salmon fishing reel 1845 to 1852
  82. Richard Wheatley polished mahogany fly reservoir & collection of salmon flies
  83. Tunbridge Wells Rod Coy 10? 2 piece split cane spinning or avon rod carp barbel
  84. vintage French Mitchell 306 spinning reel with Prince logo to side plate fine conditi
  85. rare vintage Hardy River Eden Palakona salmon rod engraved Reffitt ( reel maker?)
  86. Loop Opti Megaloop large arbour fly reel & spare spool & cases & lines & boxes
  87. Daiwa Osprey Salmon Coil 16? 3 piece carbon fly rod for lines 10-12
  88. Sealey Glane The Spin vintage hollow glass salmon pike or carp fishing rod
  89. Hardy Altex No 2 Mk5 vintage fishing spinning reel with box
  90. Allcock Redditch Hughes-Parry vintage 8? cane rod carp salmon spinning
  91. Daiwa Graphite Salmon CF 98- 15? salmon fly rod for lines 10-11
  92. Hardy traditional canvas & leather salmon fishing bag or travel or walking
  93. The trout and salmon fisherman for 75 years by Edward R. Hewitt. 2004
  94. 2 English vintage Nottingham wood & brass starback reels with Slater latches & ratche
  95. Farlow London The Python 4? Wide drum vintage alloy salmon fly fishing reel
  96. Sharpes Aberdeen Aquarex 12? three piece carbon fly rod line rated 8 with carry Tube
  97. Sharpes Aberdeen 11? three piece carbon fly rod line #7 with Silver Line tube
  98. Hardy Viscount Grey 10’6? Palakona fly fishing rod in little used condition with bag
  99. Sharpes of Aberdeen Aquarex 15? 3 piece carbon salmon fly rod line 10 little used
  100. Sharpes of Aberdeen Aquarex 13? 3 piece carbon salmon fly rod line #9-10
  101. vintage Hardy No 2 AHE Wood 12? Palakona cane fly rod with two tops and bag
  102. vintage Hardy the Murdoch steel centre Palakona salmon fly spin rod
  103. David Norwich England 15? 4 piece carbon fibre salmon fly rod M400 light & powerful
  104. David Norwich England 14? 5 piece triangular carbon salmon fly rod line 14. its rare!
  105. The Aquarex by Sharpes of Aberdeen 15? carbon salmon fly rod 3 pce line 10
  106. Sharpes Aberdeen Aquarex 12? three piece carbon fly rod for #7 line with bag & tube
  107. Sharpes of Aberdeen Aquarex 9? carbon trout fly rod for line #6 with tube
  108. Orvis Trident 12? 3 piece carbon fly rod Mid Flex #7 with bag & orvis Tube
  109. Sharpes of Aberdeen The Gordon 13? carbon fly fishing rod with tube & bag #9
  110. Sharpes of Aberdeen 13? 3 piece carbon fly rod line 7 with bag & Silver Fin tube
  111. hardy palakona tryumph
  112. rare Hardy Decantelle alloy casting reel 3-1/2? diameter in fine condition
  113. Hardy St Andrew vintage lightweight alloy salmon fly reel with makers correct box
  114. Hardy the St John 3-7/8? vintage alloy fly fishing reel with good finish
  115. Hardy the Husky multiplier alloy wide drum fly reel silent check & case
  116. Hardy Marquis salmon No2 silent check vintage fly reel & case
  117. Hardy Angel 7/8 Alnwick built large arbour fly reel & case & box
  118. Hardy St Aidan 3-7/8 alloy narrow drum fly reel with line guide & zip case
  119. Hardy Zenith Multiplier alloy fly reel in best collectors condition & case & box
  120. Hardy the Silex Patent vintage drum casting reel c 1900 with 1/4rim cut out c1900
  121. Hardy the Silex No 2 alloy vintage drum casting reel red thumb bar
  122. Hardy the Zenith Silent check fly reel & spare spool & Hardy case
  123. Simms lightweight shell breathable jacket xxl steel grey Gore-tex membrane fishing
  124. Simms Freestyle Stocking foot breathable chest waders XXl unused in box with papers
  125. Hardy Sovereign 2000 Ltd ed reel no 647 & case & papers & box
  126. Hardy Golden St Aidan fly reel with spare spool & case rare model
  127. Hardy Exalta vintage bait casting multiplier reel with level wind
  128. Simms unisex freestyle front chest pack fly fishing trout salmon angler
  129. Airflo Performance hi tech fly fishing waist coat vest with tags, super quality
  130. Hardy Marquis 8/9 alloy fly reel with Hardy round block letaher case
  131. Hardy gem 15? 4 piece carbon salmon fly rod with bag line rated #10
  132. Bruce & Walker Parabolic Lite 13? carbon salmon fly rod line 8/9 with Tube
  133. Auger Tackle Ullysses vintage hollow glass fly rod suit salmon or pike?
  134. Normark Norboron 13? salmon fly rod line 8/9 superb slim powerful rod
  135. Dons of Edmonton Fibatube Special 11? carbon trout fly rod line 7/8 slim blank
  136. Hardy ST John Mk2 alloy fly reel in fine condition & good finish
  137. Hardy Perfect 3-3/4 wide drum alloy salmon fly reel & rotating guide
  138. Herbert Hatton by J W Young 3-3/4? alloy vintage fly fishing reel
  139. Hardy Brass faced Perfect alloy fly reel 3-1/4? diam rarely seen size
  140. Hardy split cane and nickle trout fishing priest in original hang packet
  141. Hardy Antique Leather-Bound Creel found in 1894 catalogue
  142. Hardy Salmon Priest wood and brass in makers vinly packet vintage collector
  143. Hardy Marquis Salmon No1 fly reel & spare spool & lines & case
  144. Hardy Hollolight Hollokona 12’6 hollow built split cane salmon fly rod & bag
  145. Hardy Marquis salmon No1 fly reel 2 lines & spare spool & Hardy case
  146. Abu Sweden Cardinal 57 spinning reel for salmon pike carp etc good condition
  147. Hardy Marquis salmon No1 fly reel 2 lines & spare spool & Hardy case
  148. Abu Sweden Cardinal 57 spinning reel for salmon pike carp etc good condition
  149. comprehensive fly tying kit with vice hooks capes silks all u need
  150. Hardy St Aidan alloy fly reel with all original finish & hardy case
  151. Hardy The Wye 12’6 Palakona salmon fly rod 2 tips and makers cloth bag
  152. Hardy Zenith Multiplier alloy wide drum vintage fly reel & spare spool & Hardy case
  153. Hardy the Gem MK2 15? carbon salmon fly rod used once only with Hardy tube
  154. Hardy Demon 14? carbon salmon fly rod for line #9 with bag & hardy cordura tube
  155. R. L. Winston 9ft 8 weight 3 piece Fly Rod with Winston Tube
  156. Hardy Gem Salmon Fly 14? carbon fly rod line 9 with bag & Hardy tube
  157. vintage Hardy St Andrew lightweight alloy salmon fly fishing reel & case
  158. Fochabers (For Farlows) Carved Salmon
  159. Hardy Marquis No1 Salmon Reel
  160. Hardy St George Hotspur Salmon Reel 11/12 Used Once
  161. Scientific Anglers System 2 bar stock alloy salmon fly reel 10-11 & spool
  162. Farlow 4? Narrow Drum Salmon or Sea Trout Reel with bright finish ventilated drum
  163. xx rare Hardy all brass Perfect 1892 Model 612 not seen 1 with this bearing set up
  164. LL Bean GQS 8/9 disc fly reel made by Hardy black finish superb
  165. Hardy Perfect 4? wide drum salmon fly reel Dup Mk 2 check lead finish
  166. Ebonite brass and German silver 3-7/8? salmon fly reel c 1890 London
  167. XX rare Allcocks vintage factory trade lure & fly display in frame c 1920
  168. Milwards Flycraft by Youngs 4? alloy salmon fly fishing reel with 3 line guide positi
  169. antique Farlow 191 Strand pre 1900 Fly wallet & hook scale & large gut eye salmon fli
  170. X large Farlow Fly Wallet 10.5? x 9? Charles St and The Strand address in gilt & flie
  171. J S Sharpe Aberdeen 13? impregnated cane salmon fly rod spliced joint 2 tips
  172. Farlow of Pall Mall London 12? split cane salmon fly rod, green whipped with bag
  173. Fosters Ashbourne The Ideal 9? split cane twin tip rod carp salmon pike etc
  174. Selection of 27 traditional vintage large steel eyed salmon flies on black irons
  175. Hardy Marquis Salmon 2 reel and spare spool and Hardy zip padded case fine condition
  176. ABU Sweden 6500 new High Speed vintage multiplier reel with box spares and papers
  177. Orvis Battenkill Large Arbour V1 fly reel & case superb salmon fly reel mk6
  178. Alex Martin Glasgow 13’6 three piece split cane vintage salmon fly rod in bag
  179. Bruce & Walker Hugh Falkus Sea Trout Special Hexagraph carbon fly rod & bag
  180. x rare antique Folding or poachers gaff with brass ferrules & iron hook
  181. Hardy Hotspur Cascapedia Set reel & flies Ltd Edition No 26 fly reel 10/11 with all b
  182. rare Farlow 191 Strand London oak wood fly reservoir chest with gut eye salmon, trout
  183. French Mitchell 407 vintage fishing reel right hand wind pike salmon or collect
  184. French Mitchell 406 Special vintage large spinning reel for pike salmon etc
  185. rare Chippindale all brass Patent 1909 threadline casting reel + large + small spools
  186. J W Young The Beaudex 4? wide drum alloy salmon fly reel with case
  187. Hardy St George salmon 11/12 Hotspur fly reel boxed with papers & case
  188. Fine Hardy Altex No 3 MK 5 spinning reel with 90% original grey finish
  189. Wheatley deep alloy fly box with gold silver and black salmon double flies Jungle Coc
  190. J W Young England 4-1/4? alloy salmon fly reel 1535 Series with makers box unused
  191. J Bernard 45 Pall Mall London split cane salmon fly rod green close whipped 2 tips
  192. Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Salmon Sea Trout graphite rod line 7 8 9 with bag
  193. Hardy The Salmon Fly rod 14? fibre glass for line 10 with makers bag
  194. Milwards Flymaster 4? alloy salmon fly reel by J W Young with line guide and brake
  195. Loop Opti Big Fly Reel super large arbour Black BG483 with line case and box papers e
  196. Loop Opti Megaloop super large arbour salt water fly fishing reel & line & case & box
  197. vintage Wheatley English alloy 16 compartment dry & salmon fly box jungle cock flies
  198. Sharpes of Aberdeen The Gordon 3-3/4? alloy fly reel sea trout grilse light salmon
  199. Loop Opti Megaloop Black large arbour saltwater fly reel M1009 line & box
  200. Bruce & Walker Hugh Hexagraph Hugh Falkus Spey Caster No 2 14? #10 green graphite
  201. Hardy Perfect 4-1/2? wide drum alloy fly reel with Line guide & Dup mk 2 check
  202. Hardy Marquis Salmon No2 lightweight wide drum alloy fly reel & case
  203. good useable Hardy St Andrew lightweight alloy salmon fly reel with line guide
  204. Alex Martin Scotland The Thistle 3-3/4? alloy perfect style salmon fly reel
  205. Bennetts of Sheffield the Shelton 13’6? split cane salmon fly rod
  206. Superb J S Sharpe of Aberdeen the Abedeen Scottie 13? cane salmon fly rod with 2 tips
  207. Hardy Perfect 3-1/2? Wide drum alloy fly reel suited to salmon ,sea trout & grilse
  208. J S Sharpe of Aberdeen 12? 3 piece Impregnated cane grilse salmon fly rod
  209. Hardy Jet Salmon fly rod 14’3? brown hollow glass with bronze ferrules line #10 with
  210. Farlow black japanned vintage fly reservoir, 6 trays and traditional steel eye flies
  211. Bruce & Walker hand built The Spinning rod 10? carbon for salmon pike carp etc
  212. Shimano Twin Power Salmon fly rod in fine condition, 15’ 1”, for line 9/11 good all r
  213. Bruce & Walker The Walker Salmon 15? 100% carbon fly rod line rated #10-12 with bag
  214. 10 sets of vintage Salter England tubular brass fish weigh scales all sizes
  215. Vintage brass extending salmon gaff,ex Graham Turner priest & scales
  216. Hardy The Wye 12’6? Palakona cane salmon fly rod with 2 tops, stunning with bag
  217. Hardy the Wye 11? Palakona salmon fly rod 3 pce plus spare tip fully refurbed
  218. Mitchell 406 Special french built large spinning reel for pike salmon carp etc
  219. 3 wood & brass Nottingham reels incl Graham Turner Collection strap back
  220. Hardy the Zenith light alloy wide drum fly reel suited to salmon grilse & sea trout f
  221. Hardy JJH Spinning 9’6? Palakona rod for salmon pike carp with makers bag
  222. Gerrys of Wimbledon 10? graphite fly rod line 8/10 suit lakes reservoirs single hande
  223. Farlow all brass 4-1/2? Patent Lever salmon fishing brake adjustable reel c 1900 all
  224. unusual ex wide vintage wood brass and steel fishing reel for trolling salmon or sea
  225. Hardy LRH Greased Line 13? Palakona salmon split cane fly rod with two tops & bag
  226. Farlow of London the Python narrow drum adjustable brake salmon fly reel & Farlow lea
  227. rare Allcock Roller back Coxon Aerial reel c 1905-28 mahogany back 6 spoke all origin
  228. 2 vintage Allcock Stanley threadline casting reels, salmon & trout for the collector
  229. Hardy black japanend fly box with 40 black double hook salmon flies inc shrimps
  230. Hardy Elarex vintage multiplier reel with spanner papers and fibre box
  231. Farlow wood fly reservoir cabinet & over 300 gut eye salmon flies inc large eagle up
  232. Farlow London black japanned cantilever fly reservoir &120 traditonal vintage salmon
  233. Hardy Neroda mottled brown deep fly box with gut eye salmon flies for collector
  234. Abu 178 fly reel
  235. Abu 10000ca
  236. Jas Braddall & Son Belfast Irish 4? brass salmon fly reel, Hercules pattern
  237. antique Lonon pattern brass & ebonite salmon fly reel wtth turned pillars c 1880
  238. Hardy St Andrew lightweight vintage alloy salmon fly reel in superb condition with bo
  239. J.W. Young 3 1/2" Beaudex Fly Reel
  240. Hardy Perfect 4? salmon fly reel rotating line guide c1900 white handle to fish
  241. Hardy Perfect 4? wide drum vintage salmon fly reel with guide & orig box
  242. Hardy Marquis Salmon No 1 classic fly reel & line & case, best condition
  243. Fosters of Ashbourne The Perfect 12’6? split cane bamboo salmon fly rod, superb
  244. Farlow The J S Sharpes Scottie 9’3? impregnated cane spinning rod salmon pike carp su
  245. Hardy Marquis salmon No 1 LWT fly reel with line backing case warranty and box superb
  246. genuine Nottingham 4-1/2? wood and brass star back reel for pike salmon & carp with b
  247. HRH Prince Axel of Denmark Hardy Perfect Dup Mk2 salmon reel & Hardy leather case
  248. HRH Prince Axel of Denmark vintage Hardy brass salmon scales 0-60lb with oval handle
  249. HRH prince Axel of Denmark Farlow BWP 4-1/2? fly reel & Farlow leather case
  250. HRH Prince Axel of Denmark trout & salmon fly collection Hardy Farlow & huge flies