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  1. Campaign For The Protection Of Welsh Fisheries
  2. The Tees Barrage
  3. River and fishery trusts Scotland
  4. Season Dates
  5. Gyrodactylus Salaris in Norway
  6. Assistance required For Yorkshire River
  7. Boost to Salmon farming in W. Isles!
  8. Lead Free Fishing Sinkers To Make At Home
  9. free fishing for locals
  10. Vosso - a new start ?
  11. Plans for eradication of Gyrodactylus Salaris (GS) in Norway
  12. C&R - The Real Picture
  13. Glencoe Stag
  14. Ban commercial fishing
  15. Scottish Marine Bill
  16. Catch and Release
  17. 3 Canada parties respond to ASF Atl. Salm. Questions
  18. Bass Threaten Miramichi, & Politics ignores Salmon Needs
  19. help required for spring project.
  20. ASF - Paul Volcker, Maine Endangered Salmon, Tracking
  21. Blame the salmon farming?
  22. Is this how to catch up?
  23. River teith
  24. Salmon Award & More Endangered Salmon in Maine
  25. Revolutionary new hatchery method
  26. Re-establishing salmon stocks killed by acid rain in Norway
  27. Survival of the Weak and Scrawny
  28. Look after your spawning grounds
  29. teith spawning grounds
  30. Alta river - effects of Hydropower regulation
  31. spring salmon
  32. NL - Aquaculture & Salmon
  33. SPECIFIC Dam Impacts on Salmon - QC
  34. Maine Endangered Atlantic salmon
  35. Need YOUR view on rubber vs cotton net for live release
  36. First spring salmon returned or second
  37. my first post is a doomsday message1
  38. Hydro-schemes and effect on the wild salmon
  39. Are the TDSFB actually doing the right things or not.
  40. Pitlochry Dam and its effect on Upstream Migration
  41. Canada's Salmon Farming Turned Upside Down - will Wild Salmon Benefit?
  42. Tracking Salmon, Salmon in the Schools, etc.
  43. Upriver spawning migration for salmon
  44. Stirling council blank permits
  45. Salmon Farming in Ireland
  46. Cutting down trees and dredging the river in a special area of conservati
  47. Wilfred Carter - International Giant of Salmon Conservation
  48. Eira/Aura
  49. Boat seized on L Derg.
  50. Disease Info
  51. River Doon Petition
  52. R,F,A,T,A,A. conservation issues
  53. sealice
  54. Finding Sanctuary
  55. River Forth Fisheries Trust
  56. Teith habitat
  57. $6.1M US to remove dam on Maine River
  58. Salmon Processing
  59. River Devon
  60. Sea-lice problem IGNORED on West Coast -
  61. Fish Farm Petition
  62. Foyle system -Is it too late?
  63. Kamchatka - National Geographic
  64. Lamington Quarry - River Clyde
  65. water?
  66. River Clyde down stream from Renfrew
  67. River Nadder, Salmon migration blocked?
  68. Fish Farms - Bad News
  69. crayfish
  70. News from ASF - Poaching in NL, angling economics in NB
  71. How and when does a river re-open?
  72. EA's drive for hydro
  73. New web site for Nore Suir river trust.
  74. recovering salmon river hit by pollution
  75. Here we go again...
  76. Scotlands 2008 Salmon Catches Report
  77. Improved Salmon Stocking Practices
  78. The Disappearing Grilse.
  79. River Earn-has anyone seen this?
  80. News on salmon farming
  81. Acid Impacted NS Salmon River May Be on Way Back
  82. Freedom Food Certification, what does it mean....
  83. Bad news for wild salmon in Scotland?
  84. Marine Harvest going to court
  85. Save the salmo salar & salmo trutta!
  86. NB Gov't Salmon Lodge Goes Live Release
  87. Atlantic Salmon Journal article available online
  88. Catch Returns
  89. Ericht Turbine Proposal
  90. Article on sea lice
  91. new cyde tidal barrage
  92. Damage to Redds?
  93. habitat enhancement
  94. Salmon in Germany
  95. Endangered Fundy Salmon Plan Open for Your Comments
  96. Should this be done on all our rivers ?
  97. Releasing Grilse a win-win?
  98. River improvement programmes
  99. A Look at the Barriers to Change
  100. Sea Lice Danger, Restigouche Protection, and Live Release Draw Winners
  101. Campaign Against Broad Bay Fishfarm
  102. The faughan
  103. Petition to stop Isle of Lewis Fish Farm
  104. Then again.....
  105. stocking brown trout on a salmon river
  106. If you care enough, make a difference.
  107. Attention Atlantic Salmon Anglers!
  108. Cormorants in Germany
  109. A Reminder to Atlantic Salmon Anglers
  110. Salmon farming
  111. salmon and sea trout decline
  112. "Scottish Wild Salmon" Protected Food Name Status - WHAT!!
  113. Felt Soles carrying unwanted species?
  114. And the winner is.............
  115. Knotless mesh on landing nets
  116. Petition of Concerned Anglers bill of no confidence
  117. Food web issues affecting salmonids - Thiamine, EMS Etc
  118. National Hatchery Program ?
  119. Farmed salmon exposed
  120. EA to cease funding net buy-out on the River Camel in Cornwall
  121. Open Reply to Andrew Graham Stewart T&S "Counting them all back" article
  122. The faughan dam covered in smoults
  123. News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation
  124. News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)
  125. Turus a Bhradain
  126. News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)
  127. News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation
  128. In Todays Herald
  129. High Returns in Atlantic Canada in 2010
  130. Scary?
  131. Thompson river BC Canada bait ban
  132. Threat to the Avon/ River Clyde
  133. Call to halt sea windfarm schemes
  134. Is Aquaculture Impacting Atlantic salmon in Canada in 2010?
  135. Catch and release.
  136. Angling Trust
  137. Farmed Salmon
  138. Tees Migratory Survey
  139. Salmon - threats from oil&gas, aquaculture - but good news in a dam removal
  140. The Anglers Trust
  141. Severn Barrage Scrapped
  142. Scottish Parliament Elections 2011/ Fish Farming
  143. Bass threaten Miramichi Salmon, & Aquaculture Woes - ASF
  144. Aquaculture Impacts on Wild Salmon all over the news this week
  145. Oil & Salmon, Poaching Convictions & Award for At-Sea Salmon Research
  146. Salmonid Habitat Enhancement
  147. Charged with poaching - claims found 43 salmon
  148. Sea Lice Epidemic Leads to Search, Studies
  149. River Kelvin and Signal cray fish
  150. The salmon farming lobby win again
  151. Overcrowding a "free fishery"
  152. Could this be the end ?
  153. 33,000 Farmed Escapes Bad News for East Coast Canada Salmon
  154. BC Salmon Farms MUST release sea lice data
  155. Hydropower threat to migratory fish
  156. More salmon farm sea lice propaganda
  157. Atlantic Salmon Trust auction
  158. Fishing minister attacks salmon farming industry
  159. Taking down $25M of dams - and 138,000 farmed salmon escape
  160. Scottish salmon wins Chinese Trade Deal.
  161. Hugh's fish fight
  162. The Start of a better way?
  163. Ho Hum. Nothing really changes, does it?
  164. killer shrimps
  165. Have a serious look at this.
  166. Forestry Commisssion Estate Sell Off- Implications for English rivers and wildlife.
  167. Atlantic Salmon Trust Evening - Feb 19th, Devon
  168. Keep Atlantic salmon coming in eastern Canada
  169. River Tay
  170. Big Escape of Farmed Salmon nr Trondheim
  171. Forestry sell off U-Turn
  172. When an international river has a species blocked- the video
  173. On the scrounge.
  174. Healthy Rivers Develop the Economy
  175. News from the atlantic salmon federation
  176. Salmon farming - a bad deal for Scotland
  177. New measures againt sealice and escapes in Norway
  178. faughan
  179. Aquaculture Pressure Grows in 2011 on Wild Atlantic Salmon on both sides of the Ocean
  180. Interesting reading
  181. Restocking rivers , Streams & small Ponds ' Illegally ? i think NOT
  182. Illegally introduced CRAYFISH
  183. Landing salmon correctly
  184. Total Allowable Catch in respect of Castlemaine Harbour
  185. Greenlanders, Large Salmon, and Dams
  186. News post-NASCO from the Atlantic Salmon Federation
  187. ASF Launches its RIVER NOTES Blog - June 16, 2011
  188. Cormorant watch, Goosanders and Mergansers too!!!!
  189. ASF & Community Groups Appeal Nova Scotia Approval of Fish Farm Sites
  190. Solway rivers
  191. new legislation in Northern Ireland for wildlife offences
  192. Mid-August Atlantic Salmon River Reports from ASF - Check them out
  193. Petition to stop an industrial scale fish farm at Plocropol, on the Isle of Harris
  194. Salmon Farming in Scotland, light at the end of the tunnel !
  195. Petition to protect the Spanish Salmon
  196. Oil pollution on blackdog beach aberdeen
  197. Salmon Farm Company and 3 Executives Each Face 11 Criminal Charges
  198. No spring salmon. No wonder, with this pollution for 20 years
  199. Assoc of Salmon Fishery Boards
  200. Hydropower a white elephant - report
  201. Clean and look after your Rivers
  203. Atlantic Salmon Trust
  204. 'No Nets' group online petition
  205. Wrasse and sea lice
  206. Mid Clyde Spring Stock
  207. Changes to Quebec salmon reg's -your support requested
  208. Spoil
  209. They Successfully Farmed Salmon Inland -Controlled Closed System
  210. ICES SALMON SUMMIT 130+ Salmon Scientist from around the planet meet
  211. Repeat spawners important for salmon rivers
  212. Everything You ever wanted to know about kelts - research from Tana cahter 1-5
  213. Tagging/marking most fish friendly method
  214. The wild land and clean seas of the Staffa Archipelago / Isle of Mull
  215. 17,705 Salmon to Gaspe
  216. British Columbians protest against Norwegian salmon farming
  217. Bill Taylor on YouTube, Spectacular DVD (cheaper shipping), and NS Aquacult Problems
  218. Changes to Canada Fisheries Act will Impact Wild Salmon, and other news
  219. plastic pollution
  220. Daily Record 11/04/12
  221. ASF Rivernotes Back - and Analyzes Spectacular 2011 Runs
  222. Protect a rare game fish
  223. ASF RIVERNOTES - Includes Field Research Update - and a new online auction
  224. Sea trout and sea lice
  225. Salmon Arriving Gaspe - and in Maine! - ASF News
  226. NASCO - No Greenland Commercial Fishery - and big dam comes down in Maine, USA
  227. ASF RIVERNOTES Update for July 6, 2012 - The Salmon are Arriving...
  228. Usan in the news - have your comment!
  229. Small River = Small Fish?
  230. Transferring of boats from a* lake to river!
  231. Anglers vs 'The Black Death';comorants
  232. enviromental stuff .....
  233. Dear Fat Controller, Bottom O' The Hill, Holyrood, Edinburgh
  234. New Chair at ASF, Confronting Bad Laws in Ottawa, and Land-based Aquaculture steps up
  235. Ratio of Cocks to Hens
  236. Great news this
  237. genetically engineered "frankenfish"
  238. u tube 50lbs salmon mr stian hammersvik
  239. NSFAS News and Up dates.
  240. A victory for wild Danish Salmon
  241. Can You Believe This
  242. Long term residues of sea louse treatment chemicals in Norwegian fjords
  243. Children's Book
  244. Salmon Farms
  245. Anti-sealice treatment of smolts
  246. alternative power
  247. Wild and Farmed Salmon project!
  248. Petition to close fish farms
  249. Salmon Sanctuary
  250. Help Wild Salmon - LIKE the FACEBOOK PAGE of CleanUpSalmonFarming