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  1. Farlows Salmon Flies by Martin Lanigan O’Keeffe - Book Review
  2. Hampshire Fly Fishing Retreat for Ladies with Breast Cancer
  3. London Warmly Welcomes Its First Fly Fishing Fair
  4. Get Your Old Tackle Out 4
  5. The Otters’ Tale by Simon Cooper
  6. Kharlovka – Atlantic Salmon Reserve
  7. New Season! Just In! Everything on this rail £5!
  8. Fly Fishing Retreats Open For Registrations
  9. Bristol Bay Salmon Brace for Pebble Mine Settlement
  10. Iconic Bamboo Fly Rod Manufacturer Hit by Fire
  11. Elements by Celestron – portable light, heat and power!
  12. Bristol Bay Salmon Back at Risk from Pebble Mine
  13. 2016 Malloch Trophy Winner John MacIsaac talks about his winning Salmon
  14. Scottish Parliament Inquiry into Salmon Farming Agreed
  15. Word of warning to hydro-electric scheme operators from NRW
  16. Scottish Salmon Tagging Project – Watch out for Tags!
  17. Kielder Salmon Centre gets a Special Delivery
  18. Far Bank Enterprises names Larry Barrett as President and CEO
  19. National Survey Identifies Lethal Problems Below the Surface of our Rivers
  20. Simms Goes to the White House
  21. The Art of Fishing – Sculptor Paul Dady
  22. English Anglers Urged to Report Pink Salmon Catches
  23. Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) gets FOS cert.......Sticking Plaster or cure?
  24. Fussy salmon use genetic compatibility to pick mate!
  25. Salmon Fishing by the Light of the Midnight Sun
  26. Vitacress and Salmon & Trout Conservation Join Forces on Water Quality
  27. Anglers warned against illegal fishing nets
  28. NRW launches consultation on catch control byelaws for net and rod fisheries
  29. Brian Fratel to Retire from Farlows
  30. Thousands of Atlantic salmon escape from fish farm into Pacific
  31. Shocking state of Fish Farms
  32. Interesting!
  33. New Castaway Project Offers Fishing Therapy for Young People with Cancer
  34. Pink salmon eggs hatch in the Ness
  35. Angling Trust Urges Anglers to Respond to Consultation to End Unsustainable Salmon Ne
  36. The Great River Rescue is Coming – Sign Up to Help Your Local River
  37. Why England’s chalk-streams are drying and dying
  38. S&TC auction offers lots from fishing to feasting for a great cause
  39. Salmon in Derbyshire river a first since Industrial Revolution
  40. Pink Salmon Now Caught in Newfoundland
  41. Sweden
  42. Potential New Women’s Tippet Record Pink Salmon
  43. Salmon fishing season in Trent catchment area closes on 8th October
  44. Radio 4 item on salmon farming in the news
  45. C&R by an idiot
  46. Remembering Orri…
  47. Salmon runs failing in New Zealand
  48. The Art of Fly Fishing - Kiss The Water . Megan Boyd
  49. "Lost at Sea"
  50. Yahoo today
  51. Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse film fishing series
  52. River Dee Trust online auction fundraiser
  53. Stripers
  54. Great Salmon Rods of the Dee and Spey by Iain D. Ogden
  55. The Wye & Usk Foundation Fundraising Auction
  56. Book on Trout
  57. Salmologic Review: At last some common sense in fly fishing!
  58. Petition need signatures please
  59. Uncovered – 1851 Sketchbook of Charles Farlow
  60. SAMS aquaculture experts called to Scottish Parliament
  61. SAMS aquaculture experts called to Scottish Parliament
  62. "Innovative shield" keeps sea lice out of farmed salmon pens.
  63. Even more rubbish from HMSG's FAVOURITE Friend!!!
  64. Halladale Fishing
  65. D-day for north-east-england tomorrow - ea nlo press release due or:-
  66. When will we see similar in the uk????
  67. SAMARCH fish tracking project
  68. Ea options - consideration as proposals re management of english salmon rivers
  69. NRW Proposals
  70. Government ask ea to arrange transport to snowed in fishing beats
  71. At last
  72. New Horncliffe owners
  73. The passing of a legend -lefty krey--bvk -temple fork
  74. In search of salmo salar
  75. Kelts on maggots
  76. The second annual London Fly Fishing Fair
  77. Monitoring the effects of noise on marine environments
  78. The Origin of the Munro Killer Salmon Fly
  79. Save Ireland's fisheries
  80. World Fishing Day – Anglers Around the World
  81. Exclusive Fishing lots- get bidding to support the Rivers Findhorn Nairn and Lossie
  82. Yorkshire hosts Casting for Recovery’s first retreat of 2018
  83. River Gaula above gaulfossen
  84. Natural World Mon 28th May River Wye BBC4
  85. Fly Fishing in the UK
  86. The Laxford Loch Sea Trout Tracking Project
  87. Agricultural pollution
  88. Have you seen a Shad?
  89. Pebble Mine Loses 4th Major Backer – Action needed by Friday 29th June
  90. A History of Salmon Fishing on the River Thurso
  91. Which go pro
  92. Fishing full floating line
  93. Scottish salmon farmers renege on Scottish Government deal.
  94. Scottish salmon farm mortality rates to be published
  95. The Davy Knot
  96. Sharing Knowledge - New Video Series from Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques
  97. A Tale of Two Rivers
  98. Orvis Kelso to hold their first 50/50 Ladies Day at The Hass Fishery, Jedburgh
  99. 2018 Take a Friend Fishing Campaign – Free Rod Licence Voucher
  100. A Fishing Dilemma
  101. William Dunbar (1815 – 1879)
  102. Cold morning but what a day
  103. Hardy partners with Salmon & Trout Conservation UK to help conserve wild fish
  104. Tales of the Unexpected
  105. Freshwater angling worth an estimated 1.4 billion
  106. New Book Launch – All Fluff & Waders by Cliff Hatton
  107. Changes in Supply and Demand for Prime Salmon Fishing in Scotland?
  108. Fishing Mourns the ‘UK’s Favourite Angler’ John Wilson
  109. Arson is a Serious Criminal Offence
  110. Counterfeit Fly Lines Found on eBay
  111. Save our salmon, bass, mullet & sea trout – help get the nets out of the South
  112. Have your say now to #ProtectWater and Save Our Salmon!
  113. Inland Fisheries Ireland launches 12 new protection boats
  114. Iceland Considers Uncontained Aquaculture
  115. Netting byelaws announcement
  116. Thomas Turner buy’s collection of 95 Hardy reels & rods
  117. Introducing – BANANA RODS
  118. Busy 40th year for Kielder Salmon Centre
  119. Salmon found in River Don at Sheffield
  120. Snowbee
  121. The Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2019
  122. Springers on the wear
  123. Scottish beavers to be protected species
  125. Angling Trust and The Wheelyboat Trust launch their project to provide seven clubs an
  126. Jeremy Wade interview
  127. Foreign invader!
  128. Fish & Fly interview Jeremy Wade? about new series “Dark Waters”
  129. Looking for a DANIELSONN HD 9/13 old version reel
  130. Fishing guides/ghillies wanted, central Scotland
  131. death of salmon fishing in Wales ??
  132. Hardy Demon Bait
  133. One from a rising river
  134. ‘No river in England safe to swim in’
  135. More Pollution
  136. Captain John Kennedy, Bornish, South Uist
  137. Friday the 13th Pahh!