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  1. New Literature Section
  2. [B]A book on angling, Francis Francis[/B]
  3. How to dress salmon flies, Pryce-Tannatt
  4. Something a bit different...
  5. Letters to a salmon fisher's sons (1910). Chaytor, A. H. (Alfred Henry)1869-1931
  6. Blacker's Art of Flymaking By William Blacker
  7. The book of the salmon: in two parts By Edward Fitzgibbon, Andrew Young
  8. The salmon fly : how to dress it and how to use it By George M. Kelson
  9. Jones's guide to Norway and salmon-fisher's pocket companion, Volume 1
  10. Salmon Fishing by Hardy, John James
  11. Favorite flies and their histories by Marbury, Mary Orvis
  12. Game Fishers Bucket List...
  13. Rod & Line - Arthur Ransome
  14. Alten the story of a salmon river
  15. Ted Hughes Connemara
  16. Ways of Fishing: Trout, Sea-trout and Salmon
  17. on geased line
  18. Bill 'rogie' brown
  19. J H Hale - How to tie salmon flies
  20. Angling Giants - Andrew Herd
  21. Fly Fishing Outside the Box - Elliot
  22. The salmon book by douglas sutherland
  23. A Man May Fish
  24. Trout & Salmon - Late Delivery?
  25. The Painted Stream A River Warden's Life by Robin Armstrong
  26. On the beat - John Cathcart
  27. Edward vom Hofe and Hardy Perfects
  28. CDC Evolution - invasion of the body snatchers
  29. Chasing Silver?
  30. Lets Fish the Clyde: Robert Sharp
  31. Skues Biography
  32. Fly fishing for salmon
  33. Reg Rhygini
  34. books for sale
  35. Confessions of a Shooting Fishing Man (1996); Laurence Catlow
  36. Lost angling book-Buggerit Bates
  37. Svend Saabye
  38. Letters to a Salmon Fisher's Sons A H Chaytor
  39. The River God, Roland Pertwee: in: Fishing Stories Ed Henry Hughes Everyman Pocket...
  40. Biographical/Auto-Biographical Salmon Books
  41. The Brook
  42. Izaak Walton
  43. William Bill Currie
  44. Book wanted
  45. Swing the fly
  46. The new fly fisher
  47. The fly dresser's guide
  48. Terminal Chancer Silver Seasons Atlantic Salmon
  49. FREE 30 x early 1980's trout & salmon magazines
  50. Chalkstream fishing
  51. Yorkshire's Soft Hackle Tradition
  52. The fly dresser's guide
  53. Richard Waddington on salmon fishing
  54. Fish, Fishing and the Meaning of Life, Jeremy Paxman (Ed)
  55. First/most influential fishing book.
  56. A Practical Guide to Tying Salmon and Sea Trout Flies - Gary Welsher
  57. Poul Jorgensen Salmon flies second edition 1999
  58. Some bargain books for the Kindle.
  59. The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral. Colin Innes. Coch-y-Bonddu Angling Monographs (#2)
  60. Fin chasers, latest issue
  61. The Classic Salmon and Sea Trout Fly Compendium
  62. Essential books for salmon and sea trout
  63. One of my favourites ...
  64. The Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon Flies - Chris mann
  65. Hitch craft
  66. Laurence Catlow
  67. Tracking Salmon
  68. Lee Wulff
  69. River Wye and Usk beats guide
  70. Tyne Waters A River and its Salmon
  71. Calling John Gierach fans ....
  72. Good book
  73. Double Delphi
  74. Triut & Salmon Bruce and Walker Visit
  75. Pleased, proud (and slightly nervous) to announce that my book on sea trout (sea run
  76. Feather Craft by Kevin W. Erickson
  77. History of Salmon fishing on the River Thurso
  78. Salmon history launched
  79. Barometric Breakthrough
  80. Of interest?
  81. scottish deer stalking
  82. New Lomond System Fishing Book!!!
  83. Yes Yukon
  84. Henry Giles "How to catch more salmon"