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    Default scandi 12'9

    got both the 12'9 and the 13'9 scandi rods , after trying both I moved the 13'9 on as I thought the 12'9 was very good for the money and a better casting rod for me , using the 12'9 with a rio max 550 skagit and it flies out........great value for money

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    I just love Shakey rods, had my first one in 1972. Great value, really superb and excellent casting tools in my view. The only downside I've found has been that the cork can over time deteriorate, but the scandi does look much better than say my Oracle IV in that department. Having said that my Oracle is getting on and has had a real hammering over the years.

    A couple of weeks ago I had a cast (and caught a fish) on a mates NRX. Comparing the two they are for sure different but one is 1,000 or so more expensive and I cant see how that makes sense if your on a 'normal' income......... you pays your money and you makes your choice for sure but I know what I'm getting next time.

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    I found the 12'9" for an 8 a nice rod , some back bone , I think I'm using a

    9/10 shooting head with it and it is putting the line out with ease.

    I do like the action and the rod for the price its great value.
    Grey Monkey
    So ! what part of the river has the "game" angler nominated as a sanctuary for all

    fish?. The spawning streams/ rivers ? the headwaters ? the upper stretches ? the middle

    stretches , the lowers stretches ? the tidal stretches ?.

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    Default 13'9 rod

    A friend has just purchased the 13'9 as his first salmon fly rod.

    What recommendations do yous guys have on what heads to use.

    Does it suit Mackenzie heads?
    Rio outbound or the new intouch integrated running line and head?
    Anyone use Galeforce lines on this?

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    As a complete noob I'm now covering water well with my 14'9 and a 660 Rage Compact Hover and assorted tips.

    Love this rod and I'm going to pick up a Switch soon to add another string to my bow.

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