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    Thanks for sharing it Colin. Really enjoyed watching it.

    Cheers Diarmid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefthandup View Post
    I'm not sure how many on here have caught a salmon from a bridge before..but it happened to me one morning ..a quite unbelievable moment I'll never forget even though it is illegal.

    I was out one morning nymphing for trout as salmon were scarce with low water prevailing for long periods.

    I was heading home and always have a look over this bridge especially when at this time of the morning the light hit it right.

    To my surprise I saw 4 salmon laying and good ones too.
    I decided to see if I could cover them and with the good light watch any reaction to my tiny nymph .

    I tried to film whilst casting ..but was finding it difficult to do I switched the camera off. ..but did get some film footage
    just before the excitement started.

    After a few casts I managed to cover the fish perfectly. ..I was stunned to watch the biggest of the 4 tilt it's fins and move what looked like towards my fly...I then saw the white of its mouth and my line stopped. ...I lifted in and the fish was unbelievably hooked
    so I switched the camera back on.

    I've caught many many salmon but this one had me shaking...and after a while...thinking.
    Twice it went under the bridge and several times I heard it explode out the was still on.
    After playing for 10 mins or so I felt the salmon was tiring this was maybe due to the angle I was playing it from because my rod is only 8ft and a 4 # with 4lbs breading strain.
    Anyhow my plan was to strip off all the line and throw the rod down into the hogweed and brush below...I did that and at pace run round and scrambled through took me about 5 or 6 mins to get round.

    I got round and found the rod and tightened up....the salmon had seemingly sat quite happily with no pressure on the line I would say back in its original lye...this last clip is the end result. ..I couldn't believe it. ....
    thers wiser eating grass

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    Very amazing video! Well done, nice catch!

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    Default's probably the most unexpected and weirdest incident
    I've ever had since I started fishing.

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