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    Default Best quality seal's fur

    Jockiescott's " Experimenting with Jay " thread has given me a taste for tying again.
    There's just something special about the way that the fly has turned out , and I think it's largely due to the quality of the fur in use.

    I have a load of seal's fur at home , but some of it is really quite elderly and past it's best.
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    Just wondering where folks buy their seal's fur these days ?
    I don't mind paying top dollar for the best of stuff..

    pm me if you prefer

    Thanks in advance.
    Remember Thomas Muir of Huntershill

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    Glad to hear you're getting back to the vice!

    Most of the seals fur I'm using now is Veniards as it's the easiest to get. The golden olive used on the fly you mentioned was bought off Lawrence Finney at a game fair a few years back. Unfortunately Lawrence passed away a couple of years ago.

    If you get a chance to see any of Frankie McPhillips dyes they are definitely worth a look. He dyes many shades for the Lough men after trout who are very picky about their shades.

    Traditional Irish Dubbing has been developed and used by Frankie Mc Phillips

    He has a shop in Enniskillen which I like to visit anytime I'm down that way. Unfortunately not as often as I used to.
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    Thanks , R..
    I'll order a couple of packs to try .

    Some of the best dyed and blended sf that I had / have came from Bill and Don Coe.
    Anyone else remember them ?
    Good tying materials at sensible prices..
    Remember Thomas Muir of Huntershill

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    Brian - Cookshill do some really nice seals fur. They really do sell top class gear for the fly tyer

    Cookshill Fly Tying Materials

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    Yes some great colours and quality at cookshill in my experience

    Tight lines


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    Try e bay I got some cracking seals fur from stuart_1771.

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    I went in November to a game fair looking to buy the natural fur in bulk to dye as I have done in the past. After a conversation with a well known retailer I was told they now won’t sell it in any other form but the small individual packs as supplies are limited and it really is a case of what they have they are holding on to, to distribute in small packets themselves. At £3+ or whatever it was for such a small amount it really wasn’t worth it, no matter the quality.
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    Try the Forth perhaps

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