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    Quote Originally Posted by T7 View Post
    Having fished Falkus's river it is an extreme of sea trout fishing unlike any other river I've ever fished that calls for extreme tactics that Falkus wrote about which do work however on other rivers some of the rules can be relaxed and adapted

    Falkus was dogmatic no doubt but he did tend to qualify everything with "this works on all the rivers I fish" or similar. Yes things are different on other rivers but for general approach and for sheer motivation there's still no better IMHO.
    would you care to expand a little on how and why its such a exstreme little river? i am taking a season ticked out their this year with luck,and could maybe do with some pointers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralockwood View Post
    If anyone has any other anecdotal recommendations I would love to hear them....
    R.C. Bridgett and Cecil Braithwaite are both entertaining anecdotal writers with a few nuggets of information thrown in.

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    thanks a lot - will investigate.

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